5 Facts You Should Know about Circlips

  • 5 Facts You Should Know about Circlips

    Circlips have been a staple across industries like automobiles, heavy machinery, transformers etc. The word Circlip itself is a portmanteau of ‘circle’ and ‘clip’. They are most commonly known as C-clips among manufacturers. Circlips India has been the number one supplier and circlip manufacturers in India since 1967, and we have prepared a guide on the diverse uses and importance of the seemingly small commodity in manufacturing.

    1. Usage: Circlips, C-clips, Jesus clips or Seeger rings are essentially a type of fasteners, which are most commonly used to keep dowel pins in place, in machine grooves. Circlips allow rotation but restrict the lateral movement of shafts and dowel pins. Due to its simplicity and efficiency in keeping mechanical parts together, circlips are being used in some of the most cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and processes today. Owing to their self-locking mechanism and their flexibility circlips are easy to use and to train workers on their usage which usually requires are a c clip plier. At Circlips India we pride ourselves on our diverse clientele which includes names like Daimler Benz India Nissan, John Deere etc. Being the oldest in the business of manufacturing C-clips in India gives us a unique advantage and depth when it comes to the product and their uses.

    2. Types: Circlips are broadly categorized as internal and External according to their usage. Recently manufacturers have come up with reversible circlips which are meant for dual use, ie: can be placed both internally, over the bore shaft, or externally on the grooves. At Circlips India, we have perfected our manufacturing process for c-clips over the decades, based upon feedback from our customers. We have been consistently supplying top quality c clips, since 5 decades now to some of the biggest manufacturers in India.

    3. Lubricants and C-clips: Although C-clips generate the extremely low amount of friction when placed around rotating shafts, it is always better to use them with lubricants. There is minimum surface prep required when using a c-clip and a lot of manufacturers do not use lubricants while placing them, although we highly recommend it.

    4. Inexpensive: Circlips owes a major part of its popularity to be an extremely cheap and inexpensive solution for self-locking. Circlips can be replaced conveniently if they break or malfunction.

    5. Raw material: circlips are stamped out of metal sheets of steel which gives them dual surfaces, one which is smooth and other rough. Circlips are designed to be used special pliers known as circlip pliers. At Circlips India we only use grade 80 steel in the manufacturing of circlips which gives them additional strength and longevity.

    We have talked about briefly, on 5 facts about Circlips for the layman. At circlips India, we have poured our, over 5 decades of manufacturing c clips into this guide. If you have any further questions regarding them we urge you to give us a call, as we highly doubt, you will find better expertise at the topic, than us!

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