Difference Between Internal and External Circlips

  • Difference Between Internal and External Circlips

    Circlips are retaining rings containing a semi-flexible metal ring with open ends which can be snapped into place, in a machined groove on a dowel pin or other part to allow rotation but to stop lateral movement. Circlips are also called as C-clip, Seeger ring, snap ring or Jesus clip. Standard material for circlips is carbon spring steel with phosphate and oil finish.

    Circlips have a smooth side and a rough side because they are stamped out of the metal sheet. Circlips are designed to be removed with circlip plier which can be reassembled for internal and external clips. Internal and external circlip manufacturer provide circlips in various diameters from 1.9 to 300. They are used for securing pin connections in various industries like automobile, mechanical, engineering etc. They are divided into two types, external and internal based on whether they fit into a bore or over a shaft.

    External Circlips:
    External circlips are designed in such a way that it fits tightly around a shaft and available both in metric and imperial sizes.
    External circlips might be used to replace nuts, threaded sleeves, cotter pin, rivets, set collars, machined shoulders and many bulkier and expensive fastening devices.
    Circlips are installed in pre-cut grooves and pre-cut grooves can be machined simultaneously with other production process eliminating threading, tapping, drilling and other expensive machine operations.
    External circlips are available in the outer diameter range of 6mm to 500mm and thickness of 0.4mm to 6mm.
    The speed of assembly and disassembly also reduces manufacturing costs.

    Using external circlips is space saving method

    External circlips reduce assembly weight.
    They have longer service life.
    External circlips are manufactured from spring steel of grade 70C6 or 75C6 having IS: 2507-1975
    External circlips are generally chemically or thermally blackened.
    Circlips are cross-examined for thickness, internal diameter, conical deformation, spiral flatness, hardness and functions like set and grip

    Internal Circlips:

    Internal circlips are designed to fit within a bore and available in both metric and imperial sizes.
    Internal circlips offer resistance to corrosion
    They are highly durable and have longer service life.
    Internal circlips offers very high performance
    These circlips are available in standard as well as customized sizes
    Internal circlips have an outer diameter in range 8mm to 500mm and thickness in 0.4mm to 6mm range.
    Internal circlips are made from spring steel 70C6 or 75C6 grade having IS 2507-1975 specification.
    Internal circlips are used in heavy machine manufacturing, mining, railways, construction, heavy machine manufacturing, turbine manufacturing, energy sector and port, harbor, and ship repairing.

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